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Seattle Graphic Design – The Importance of Graphic Design Today

seattle graphic designTo open this issue will begin quoting a paragraph of Otl Aicher:

“The design illustrates the technical and economic philosophy of a company, and the company image reveals the character of it, define your mindset. The designer is the philosopher of the company, which, whatever that mentality makes perceptible “

The quality of good communication and a good piece of design, are of great importance in the market where the company operates, as this message will identify the institution and differentiate from the competition. Hence the visual communication of the company must have distinctive attributes, highlighting the characteristics of the same, within a system of homogeneous visual system. But this approach is not as simple as clicking buttons on a computer. Hiring a top Seattle Graphic Design firm is of the utmost importance when getting your branding established.

That is, that all communication has a formal and functional unit, enhancing the effects of communication. Effective communication, the company will excel over the competition, bringing benefits in the market, as higher sales or raising the concept of quality that the public has toward her. This is essential in order to compete in a highly developed consumer society, where the media are full of messages, due to the development of technology and fierce competition in the market. Otl Aicher explains it this way:

“A distinctive corporate image has the advantage of producing out a strong effect, without resorting to verbal self-praise”

At this point we face another concept, that of speech communication. The speech should not promise to others what you can offer the company, because the public, feeling encouraged by the false promise and realize the true situation, it is disappointed and creates a situation of rejection towards hurting this institution in terms of its image and its commercial benefit.

For good communication with the public is essential that the whole process of development and creation of the message is made by a task force interdisiplinado where opinions are exchanged and joint work between company, designers and all those involved in the areas are made process, such as the areas of marketing, sales, technology, logistics, production, etc., to polish the maximum effectiveness of the message.

It is also important to clarify that the message should strengthen the emotional bond with the receiver using all the features that it understands and shares, and that make you identified in the message.

We do not forget that communication design is the essence of the company and not the packaging.


The human being embedded in their environment and conditioned by it, must meet a series of requirements, whether material or spiritual, that means poses. Based on this purpose, the design is to respond to these needs. The definition of González Ruiz about design brings us closer to the concept:

“The process of creating and processing through which the designer translates a purpose in a way.”

This speaks of the creation process, which indicates that the design is a mental process, to imagine, to project. The designer identifies the problem and the project is targeted, in order to do something, to give way to a function.

The design, as is generally believed, not the created object itself, but the mental process by which we reach it.

The scope of design is very broad and that there is a solution for every need, or at least that we would like to believe, and each area of ​​our environment poses one of them. The field of action will address is that of communication, because our specific function, the graphic designer, is to communicate. Our products design will be developed on a physical medium.

The designer gives visual communications it faces. This is clearly expressed in the definition provides Jorge Frascara:

“The graphic designer works in the interpretation, the system and the display of messages. His sensitivity to the form must be parallel to its sensitivity to the content.”

Here we talk about consistency between the content (the meaning of the message) and form (the realization of it) because we must pay great importance to what we want to communicate, a task for which the sender of the message (usually a company) He has called us.

Graphic design is not a pure art, because, as he explains Jorge Frascara “The designer, unlike the artist, is not usually the source of the messages communicated, but his interpreter.”

This means that the message we have to agree, and above all it must be clear to the message recipient. The codes used in the message must be shared by the recipient and be designed according to the same.

Given that the role of graphic design is to shape messages, we have to keep in mind that these messages have an important social function, since that target people and therefore the designer must take a number of responsibilities.

George Stephensdorff distinguishes at least four areas of responsibilities:
A – Professional Responsibility: The responsibility of the designer to the customer and to the public, to create a message that is detectable, discriminable, attractive and convincing.
B – Responsibility Ethics: The creation of messages that support basic human values.
C – Social Responsibility: Production of messages that make a positive contribution to society or, at least, who do not mind a negative contribution.
D – Cultural Responsibility: Creating visual objects that contribute to the cultural development beyond the operational objectives of the project.

The graphic design, in terms of communication fact be defined by three elements:

  1. Persuasion: Try to convince the recipient that does not exist but a reasonable choice, through emotional values. The message is intended to affect the knowledge, attitudes and behavior of people.
  2. Identification: Distinguishes the element of context through neutral values ​​which serve for recognition.
  3. Information: Refers to objective reporting of events. Functional, utilitarian and rational values.

logo design seattleReferring to the creative design process, to reach a solution, we will take as regards the program posed Bruno Munari, to sound a guide in which to reach the solution, timely details the actions to be taken:

  • Problem
  • Defining the problem
  • Elements of the problem
  • Data Collection
  • Data analysis
  • Creativity
  • Materials, Technology
  • Experimentation
  • Models
  • Verification
  • Construction Drawings
  • Solution

At the stage of creativity is when, in a moment of “enlightenment”, we reach the guiding principle, data analysis emerged as the solution to the problem is. The idea, thus, be a change of view of the problem in an original way, never before addressed, it will be an unexpected obiedad applying the criterion of common sense.

Verification that the message has been effective in the receiver, is also part of the design process.

In the design would not have to have any fear of extremely simple solutions, if they agree to anything, nor be “warm” when siding with a concept or a form.

As we have seen, the act of design is not left to chance, or to taste designer, but is governed by an ordered set of actions, which give the problem as a possible solution, changing the perspective of looking at it. This solution will have a (significant) form and function (meaning). From this we can deduce that the design is the art of permanent redefinition.



According to Joan Costa:

“Communication is not a part of psychology, but the same principle that governs the relationship between man and the world, between the individual and society, determining the phenomenology of human behavior.”

Communication is the area that gives reason for graphic design and represents the origin and goal of all work. Significantly, two characteristics in terms of communication: A, potential capacity of visual communications as forms of transfer of messages and other communications and the importance of visual communication in terms of object orientation, knowledge and human development.

The man does to communicate through language, which is the communication of meaning through symbols (definition given by Georgy Kepes).

In our case, the visual language, communicate meaning through visual or audio-visual symbols. The visual language has a huge field of action becoming almost universal, since it ignores the limits of language, vocabulary and grammar. The interpretation of a message comprises two levels: the semantic level, denoted (meaning) and the syntactic level, noted (as seduces aesthetically to speak).

The circuit information is given by the following components:

  • COMPANY: Issuer of the message.
  • DESIGNER: Encoder. Interprets issuer codes and makes understandable to the receiver.
  • PRODUCT DESIGN: Message. It acts in a context which conditions.
  • Baffle means: Transmitter message. Conditions the message.
  • CONSUMER receiver. According to its code of values ​​determines the message.

By consumers, can give three types of response: Information (learning, functional values, utilitarian and rational), Persuasion (modification of behavior or attitude, emotional values) and Identification (distinguishing element of context, neutral values ​​which serve to recognition).

Referring to the flow of communication, it can be to intrapsychic level (the information on the receiver will comes to, internal reaction) or intersujetiva (a physical action to contact him with the issuer, for example approaching the point of sale; or that transmission to a third party).

Because of the quick development of the media, it is growing even more the massive potential of the public, while the product is constantly affected the technological, economic and competition that forces. It is for this reason that social communication to the general public no cause successfully and the new trend of communication is to segment the communication for each audience based on hard for segmenting variables such as sex, age, socioeconomic status, ie demographic variables; and so-called soft variables such as lifestyle, psychographic profile, affinity groups, etc. Each of these groups of public who want to get is called Target. This type of communication reaches segmented who want to arrive on time, not wasting the flow of communication.

It is a mental representation. Intervenes receiver. It is the mental representation in the collective memory of a significant set of attributes setting, through perception, a stereotype that is able to influence or determine behavior. It is the sum of the messages of the institution but the conditions of the recipient. The picture, however, you need a valid concept and content.

The overall picture is a strong mental and stable image that has been generated by the coherent set of all messages that the company issues in space-time.

The overall picture is not a partial image, but a multiform but homogeneous and integrated psychological image that includes corporate identity, architectural and environmental design, product design, signage, graphics and editorial information, static advertising, objects; ie covering all visual and audiovisual elements, graphics, and includes three-dimensional coordinate human and social aspects such as customer service, staff training, etc.

There is often confusion between image and mental representation and image like shape. The latter concept is acceptable, but it is clear that when we talk about image as form, are talking about a visual signifier.

To close this issue mention the words of Otl Aicher “The image of a company in all its recognizable forms is more than a mere embellishment or participation of current cultural trends: The image is not like a garment that a company may be, we must set out from the thing itself. “.


The signs are visual, auditory or gestural representations that depend on cultural, social and religious aspects. Each sign is characterized by the presence of a detectable element, which is instead the object and evokes.

The sign can be divided into two parts: One, the signifier, which is the way the syntactic aspect, the detectable element; the other part is the meaning, referring to the semantic level, that is, the concept, the message you want to convey.

Symbols unlike the signs, which are a physical and aesthetic fact, a psychological miss that connect man with his meaning. Symbols are artificial signs that depend on any man-made convention and belong to the plane of the imagination and the unconscious (eg the cross, Christianity or alphabets, etc.).

Among the signs we find different classifications:

  • Iconic signs: the object is emparentan by similarity, there is a direct relationship.
  • Symbolic signs: There is an indirect relationship with that to which it refers (eg referring to the dove of peace).
  • Indicative signs: Not established relationship with anything, just they indicate or point to a phenomenon come before it (eg smoke in a fire).

This classification follows the thinking of Gonzales Ruiz, but it seems important to mention some concepts of Adrian Frutiger.

Frutiger included within the signs: Signs Signatures (property sign), Star Emblem (belonging to a group or state), Star Brand (initial, professional sign, economics) Signs and signals (such as traffic signaling and services ).

Also we clarify that the signs have a degree of iconicity ranging from the most faithful to the object represented to a degree of total abstraction.

The pictograms are a number of signs treated with a synthesis in such way they transmit the concept quickly; pictograms have the distinction of acting system.

The reality is our physical environment which surrounds us, where things present themselves, directly, in his corporeality, without intervention of technical mediators. A physical environment it will have to add the imaginary world before us, ie mental images, which are generated by the perception, experiences and experiences of the world around us and stored in memory.

When we speak of institutional reality, we refer to the institution in terms of its functioning in society, their legal and legal entity, its organizational structure or mode.


“Project is to generate world. The project is where the meeting of theory and practice occurs. In this meeting, neither is annulled, both are deployed. Along with theory and praxis, the project will provide a new dimension the spirit “Otl Aicher


They own, unique and transferable securities of an institution or person, that make him who he is. The value of identity is what allows us to differentiate the various bodies giving them each authenticity.

Real things in themselves and these same things represented in visual signifiers; preserve the presence of the shape itself, by means of which they are recognizable and storable.


Physical things of reality are represented by pictures, in the formal sense of them. Social institutions, ideas and values ​​are not representable but by symbols.

Following the words of Joan Costa “A corporate identity program is a system of signs that involves a combinatorial code and a set of criteria that are structuring of identity.

This implies the formalization of legislation needed to implement the program in very different media of communication. “. This implementing legislation is what is called Manual of Standards.

This manual should design the signs (linguistic, iconic and chromatic) and identity system and determine its implementing rules and geometrization or constructive grid of the brand.

The posisionamiento either a product or an institution is the place in the public mind, as he sees it, the concepts of quality, philosophy, security, etc., which have about the product or the institution .


A trademark is a graphic sign that refers to who issues the message. Its function is to identify the sender, the brand is the same principle of the visual identity, the primary form of expression of identity. According to Joan Costa:

“The brand has first the sense of functional information: This is a referential element of guidance in locating a product among many others.”

The brand must establish an emotional link with the receiver, it must “own” brand, to be lovable, credible and reliable. According to the treatment to be given, the brand will redeem your way of being, that is, their style.

A brand is a synergistic amount (ie. One plus one equals three) is a sum of one or more concepts in a recognizable form in which the receiver must understand who and who issues the message. Here besides the syntactic and semantic levels, we must highlight the pragmatic level, it has to do with the receptor and its context, then, when the receiver understands and appropriates the sign.

The brand name as their classification can be: Descriptive (refer us to the company’s business) Symbolic (refer to the institution by a literary figure), Patronymics (refer to a person, they are usually surname) Toponymic (refer to a place) and contractions (contractions consist of words or initials).

The brand is the fundamental unit of communication of the company, it must contain and communicate the main features of the institution.

It marks when exposed in the media is inserted in the complexity and exposed to the dispersion. Given this risk, the mark must be protected as a true capital that can not be dispelled. Therefore its effectiveness will consist of a coherent strategy and partnership, achieving a constant re-impregnation of the mark in the collective memory.

The Importance Of Branding – 3 Tips When Working With A Graphic Design Firm

branding examplesEstablishing on your own as a significant graphic designer could be an effort. It can be just as more difficult to consistently and also consistently reach the assumptions of clients that commissioned you to develop eye-popping as well as jaw-dropping designs that they need of you. After all, the jobs that these clients gotten from you are exactly what make various other customers keep coming back. Also as a wonderful visuals artist fluent in the line of fantastic graphic design, you will always run into an artist’s block, in which no suggestion is coming in. Don’t fret, all artists undergo this phase; and when you do, you have to be prepared. Below are some tips to acquire the right graphic design motivation.

  1. Motivation does not originate from a computer display. Close that computer, walk about as well as try to head out and take a look at the globe. As a graphic designer, you probably spend majority your day located in front of the computer. By merely leaving of your office structure, you could obtain even more raw info about the outdoors, in which design actually flourishes in.
  2. Taking a break from all the stresses of the work environment could likewise relieve your mind, providing you a much more clear mind to function with. You never know, there may be a source of inspiration in front of you that you didn’t notice considering that you were also high-strung.
  3. A lot of graphic developers get inspiration from various other designers, and you need to too. Some artists produce layouts and illustrations that you can really include right into your design. Be alerted, including a design into your own will have the risk of plagiarizing a certain work. But this is unlikely to happen, considering that your creativity will just take that design; and also with all your designing abilities, you will probably transform it into something significantly your very own already.

dress for successBe open to objection. Get a fellow developer that could really provide you useful criticisms concerning your job. Do not close on your own to any sort of info, considering that as a visuals artist, you should be a sponge in order to make excellent as well as impressive styles. This is in preparation for the objection you will certainly receive from the customer, no matter if your job excels or bad. Besides, you never understand exactly how an additional designer’s idea may end up being graphic design motivation for you.

Ultimately, it is about opening yourself to options as well as not sticking to one collection requirement. As a graphic artist, you should be open to allow the world become your graphic design motivation. Considering that when you do open yourself to the world, the world of varied possibilities will undoubtedly open.

Getting Your Business Marketing To a Good Start

designing for business marketingdesigning for business marketingBusiness marketing is for establishing identity of products or services in the marketplace and also mind of customers. As well as graphic design is visual result to communicate ideas or ideas to customers’ mind. When words discontinue to strike the mind, graphics pertain to play. So for branding your company, you should shake your hands with graphics design. Inevitably your objective is to leave a mark of perception on individuals’ mind!

Now we might have a quick conversation on exactly how graphic design can play a crucial duty in branding of businesses. I have actually attempted to take down couple of factors:

Factor is to come in notification. Load your items to stand out with effective graphics. Just how good is the graphics in items of Gillette and also American Express!

Your one-of-a-kind icon or the logo separates you from the crowd. A logo design is vital for company. With intelligent use of graphics, company logos could have lengthy enduring result. The slightly attacked Apple, logo of GE, simply “m” in McDonald’s has long-lasting impacts.

Ads dispersed business through various medium of interactions. Using graphics in ads does leave long-term impacts. We find wonderful results of graphics in tv, internet site, and also print advertisements of Calvin Klein as well as Proctor & Gamble.

Now pertaining to overall online marketing. Experienced graphics design companies can show superior graphical effects to recognized brand name identity. Sites of Disney as well as IBM could be fine examples of sound graphics developing for online branding.

For on the internet promotion, graphics are additionally utilized to brand name business. Graphics leaves genuine influence in emails or e-newsletter services to fabricate visual result.

Graphics are constantly used in company branding via, calling card, stationery, pamphlets, banners as well as various ways. Firms attempt to reach the consumers or folks by feasible methods.

The above factors just show the crucial aspects of branding any kind of business with the aid of graphics. Constantly keep in mind to discover a correct graphics developing company to obtain the best creating effects. To sum up I could say, branding somewhat difficult without graphical depiction. To get to any kind of targeted audience you have to excite them via aesthetic results. So produce terrific visual effects in branding with outstanding graphic design.

A Graphic Designer Will Assist Distinguish Your Brand From The Rest

stationery designGraphic designers are imperative to businesses of all sizes as they provide important input for such factors as logo designs, website design and marketing pamphlets. No matter of this, many small business proprietors still believe they could attempt graphic design function themselves often producing less than expert quality outcomes. Here are five reasons why you need to take into consideration using a graphic designer for your company demands.

If you are not aware of the software application as well as workmanship associated with making a logo design or creating a pamphlet, why start now? A graphic designer is able to assemble something in an issue of hours or days relying on the dimension and range of the job called for. It may take someone of much less ability a much longer time frame as well as the differences between an amateur design as well as an expert design will certainly be noticeable from the start.

An expert looking logo as well as tri-fold brochure will certainly make your backyard company seem much more competitive as well as professional. Pamphlets created on Microsoft Word and also printed on basic white A4 paper will show your business for exactly what it is, a small scale affair not about to spend cash on what is basically a vital facet of company – advertising. If you are not going to invest cash on your very own business, then why should any person else?

A Graphic Designer May Aid You Clarify Your Idea Refine

graphic designer working on brandingYou may have two or 3 ideas floating around in your head as well as are having a hard time to compare the functionality and also creativity of your suggestions. Sometimes we can be jumbled with our mind and also our wishes for our company. Interacting what we require to a 3rd party will permit you to actually focus on the graphic design needs of the company and also clarify which concepts to develop additionally.

There could be two or three various other comparable businesses in your area, nonetheless utilizing a graphic designer can highlight something distinct that you have not concentrated on yet. In some cases we could be also close to our company and also are not able to see the whole photo. A graphic designer may have the ability to supply a new viewpoint you have not thought about allowing you to stand out from your rivals.

Utilizing a graphic designer may appear like an expensive alternative but getting it right the initial time means that you don’t need to go back over any substandard craftsmanship and spend for something to be done twice. Having to remodel logos as well as pamphlets could be pricey as well as time consuming. There are no costly computer software program design programs to buy or learn and you could maximize your very own efficiency within your business focusing on the money gaining aspect of your company. People will additionally be much more ready for outlying cash to a company or solution which looks reputable and also professional.